The Lord says: “My People Suffer For Lack of Knowledge”

The Lord says: “My People Suffer For Lack of Knowledge”

This is not a political party issue, this is most of them in government
contributing (some very ignorantly) to leave you without much option,
but to fear them and submit to them!

And this, they are doing subtlety while you pay more attention to “Hollywood”
and their lies on TV! On the outside it might look normal, but it really isn’t.

If you do not want the government controlling your life “take action”
It is extremely necessary being calling, emailing, faxing congress
and voicing your opposition to government take over on “every aspect of
our lives, “there is not much time left”, consider knowledge of countries
in which government regulates everything (they are in poverty and abused),
we are already on the verge of loosing Our God Given Freedom, don’t delay!
Don’t regret later!

“Take Action Now” if you think your action doesn’t matter, think again
every individual counts, your phone calls, faxes, emails, letters to congress
are imperative if you really “Value Freedom”, don’t postpone, this is
as much as possible a daily duty call! There are more of us “freedom lovers” than
there are “freedom thieves”!

The TV networks want you hooked on them, so You don’t think and/or find out what
works they are doing to impose your submission to government! That is not why
JESUS CHRIST died on The Cross! He died so you would be FREE!

If you don’t believe in JESUS CHRIST now is the time to open your heart and let Him in!

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is very close to being taken away!
They are fixing to take over the internet also! By Changing and/or adding
regulations (right under your nose) for a TOTAL government take over!

United We Stand!

In Christ’s Love!

Take a look:

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