THE PEOPLE SPEAK: Tea Party members aren’t ill-informed » Letters », Muskogee, OK

Critics of the Tea Party movement’s members are as ignorant as they portray the members to be.

There is something called “fear”!
Fear reacts defensibly with an attack based on the lack of knowledge, and weakness of that individual. Though the attack may solely be based on the sense of loosing control (i.e. their weakness) over those that were once in the shadows (affected by the manipulation of the communication outlets). Those Tea party critics fear realizing the extensive and massive flow of knowledge which leads to the discernment of the truth! And that is why they persist on diminishing the freedom movement! Praise God Almighty! -InChristFree

July 31, 2010

THE PEOPLE SPEAK: Tea Party members aren’t ill-informed

Why is it that the “opinion” pages of most mainstream media so often seem to go ape every time they bring up “Tea Party?” The term can’t even be mentioned without an approach that transmutes “Tea Party” into something disparaging like “Tea Bagger,” followed by portrayal of members as “bigoted, racist, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals” who are “dangerous, ill-informed, ignorant rightwing extremists.”

I won’t attempt to debate issues behind the Tea Party movement. What I will refute, however, is foam-at-the-mouth depictions of the people involved in it. I consider myself fairly representative of the Tea Party Movement.

I served 29 years in the military (active and reserve), including 13 as an Army Green Beret fighting for the freedom of those who would now malign me. I was a police officer for 14 years — four in Miami, Fla., where I was wounded, and another 10 in Tulsa, where I was a homicide detective. I have degrees in history and anthropology and speak a foreign language. I was at one time director of criminal justice at Tulsa’s American Christian College, and have taught part-time at Tulsa Community College for nearly 40 years. I have published more than 3,000 magazine and newspaper articles, including scholarly treatises in archaeology and history, as well as more than 50 major books; many have been translated into other languages such as Russian, Chinese, Serbian, and Spanish.

Call Tea Baggers whatever you will, but we are not “ill-informed” or “ignorant.” Nor are we bigoted or racist. Our knuckles don’t drag and we are not puppets to any special interest group or political party. However, I will accept “dangerous” in the context that ideas about individual liberty and personal responsibility are once again revolutionary in a nation that seems all too willing to give up freedom for security in a big nanny state.


via THE PEOPLE SPEAK: Tea Party members aren’t ill-informed » Letters », Muskogee, OK.

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